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 Windybank Plumbing Ltd specialises in new housing, renovation and light commercial needs.

We can help with installation and design from simple upgrades and renovations including kitchen, bathroom, laundry and drainage to the total completion of you’re:




  • Home
  • Holiday Bach
  • Apartment
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Shop
  • Factory

    Any project - just ask!  

    We work alongside top reputable Master Builders and Architect’s so you can be sure to get the best quality work and take advantage of our very competitive rates. In addition to guaranteed workmanship we use quality fixtures and fittings sourced from reputable plumbing merchants around the North Shore and beyond, see some of our suppliers below.

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    Windybank plumbing have been an integral part of The House Company growth in the Rodney region over the past 8 years. They have done the majority of our plumbing from cost effective minor dwellings to large complex architectural homes including additions and alterations.

    The House Company also does insurance reinstatement work and we need the 24hr 7 day a week plumbing service that we can rely on for those emergencies that occur. Both the Directors Rhys Windybank and Richard Ellison ensure that we get the back up service we need that allows our business to grow.
    The difference that Windybank plumbing have is that Rhys Windybank personally checks all the work and has systems in place to minimize the chance of anything going wrong. He also has a wealth of knowledge which is important when doing non standard plumbing or solar or wetback systems.
    Record keeping with the assistance of his loyal Office Manager Elle and suppliers is also important for when there may be a product warranty issue and we need to replace a faulty item.
    If there has been a problem Rhys has dealt with the owners direct and reported back to me once the product has been replaced. I cant remember when I have had a complaint about Rhys Windybanks service from a client.
    Richard Ellison is also invaluable when we need to discuss product with clients and is always there if Rhys isn’t available giving us that service we need.
    The House Company recently won the 2008 House of The year Auckland region $ 450,000 to $ 650,000 category and the judge commented on the quality of the plumbing. It is this commitment to quality, working relationships, warranties, and customer satisfaction that puts Windybank on our preferred list of plumbers for our high end construction. I really enjoy working with Rhys and Richard and the team and they make my job just that much more fun.
    Hamish McArthur

    Managing Director

    The House Company Rodney Ltd

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